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To-Do List

Page history last edited by Lucas Gillispie 14 years, 7 months ago

To-Do List


Take each lesson idea, develop it, create a supporting rubric to assess students. If you need a template for lesson plan development try this (.doc file) or share your own.


Align lessons to national and/or state standards.


Find collaborators.


Examine ideal game modifications (mods) to collect data (ie., Recap to collect statistical data) 


Create installation instructions (especially for mods).


Develop front page, add images.


Create a pacing guide, suggested order of lessons, etc.

Comments (3)

Helga Brown said

at 11:01 am on May 6, 2009

Curse.com might be a great add-on for managing your add-ons if you are talking about having a designated computer lab for this project. I use it on my computer at home and it alerts me to updates and allows me to quickly download and install new mod's and updates with a single click of the button. The Curse account I have is the free version.

Helga Brown said

at 11:13 am on May 12, 2009

My guild leader uses WWS (Wow Web Stats) to record all the data from our raid fights. It posts the detailed data on a website and actually has built in statistical analysis. It also has more information that any recording program I've seen. I'm not sure what it costs. Here is an example of something he linked in our forums:


I intentionally did not log into our forums to make sure you can see it as a guest. Our guild website is: http://team-nightmare.guildomatic.com/

You can get to the statistical analysis as a guest - go to Forums>WWS

Lucas Gillispie said

at 12:42 pm on May 12, 2009

Great suggestions. One of the technical issues that we'll face if and when we implement this program is due to DeepFreeze. DeepFreeze creates a locked-down state for the machine preserving its current image. Any changes made to C:/ drive are reversed if the computer is powered off and back on. Maintenance due to patches or addon updates will require some work! Basically, on patch days, we'll have to "thaw" the machines, update the software, and then refreeze them. Otherwise, we may need to install to a permanently "thawed" partition, but then run the risk of students in other classes tampering with the files. (I'll also post these thoughts in Technical Issues).

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