Other Lessons

Other Lessons:



Economics - students will study a particular item or group of items on the in-world auction house learning how supply and demand are affected by the actions of the player-citizens in the game.  Students may also take part in that economy. 

Helga Brown has contributed an Economics lesson plan (WoW E-conomics.doc) that requires students to use gathering and creating professions to run a small business. Students group to form a virtual store front, participate in market analysis, create a business plan, apply for a start up loan, and run a small business through the in-game Auction House.


Math/Writing: Raid/Instance Groups

Pick a dungeon. What raid or instance group configuration would be the best to handle this instance? Analyze the group for each particular boss (how many healers, how many tanks, how many ranged dps, how many melee, etc.). Keep in mind the attacks associated with that boss. Make sure you address all of the roles in a group (healing, tanking, dps, crowd control, etc.). Collect data to support your theory.


Math/Writing: Raid Buffs

What raid buffs would be most beneficial to your class? How would they affect your role (dps, healer, tank, etc.)? Collect data to support your theory.


Ecology/Herbalism/Azerothian Wildlife


The designers of virtual worlds often take the time to make their worlds realistic.  Part of this involves creating natural spaces that look and feel like real-world spaces.  Though set in a fantasy world, World of Warcraft is no exception.  Azeroth has its own flora (plant life) and fauna (animal life).  In the real world certain plants and animals are only found in certain climate regions.  For example, many cacti grow in arid, or dry, regions.  The venus fly trap only grows in the sandy soils around southeastern North Carolina.



Project Planning and Technical Communication

Create flowcharts for spec'ing a toon or for fighting.  As an example, Boomkin flowchart .  Students could create, evaluate and revise flowcharts based on in game activities, and then present / share them with guild / class members.