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In The News, Blogs, and More

Page history last edited by Lucas Gillispie 10 years, 9 months ago

Here is a collection of articles and blogs that feature this project.  Some have some meaningful conversation in the comments!


Isaacs, Steve. (March, 2013) - WoWinSchools - Authentic Game Based Learning - Games and Learning Blog.

Kohn, Jason. (February, 2013) - Bringing Gaming to the Classroom - Cisco Blogs.

Shane, Kevin. (November, 2012) - World of Warcraft in the World of Education - Gamification.co

Finley, Todd. (November, 2012) -  Teach At-Risk Students in Leadership and Language Arts with... World of Warcraft? - Edutopia.

McCrea, Bridget. (September, 2012) - WoWing Language Arts - THE Journal

Baird, Pressley.  (July 24, 2012) - Many Students Now Learning While Having Fun with Video Games - Wilmington Star News.

    Many Students Now Learning While Having Fun with Video Games - 21st Century Fluency Project (Ian Jukes). 

Fernandez, Kim. (December 23, 2011) - Making Education Fun Through Game-based Learning - EdTech Magazine.

Curtin, Lindsay. (November 9, 2011) - Pender School Ditches Books for Video Games - WECT.com.

Gillispie, Lucas.  (Sept. 1, 2011) - Becoming Lore Keepers - School Library Journal.

Huber, Joe.  (August 24, 2011) - World of Warcraft in School?  Well Met. - Educator Studio.

Roscorla, Tanya. (May 17, 2011) - The Top 6 Emerging Technologies in K-12 Education.  Converge Magazine.

Gilbert, Zack. (April 9, 2011) - EdGamer Episode #7 World of Schoolcraft - Interview with Lucas Gillispie.  EdGamer Podcast.

Poisso, Lisa. (March 17, 2011) - WoW Goes To English Class - WoW Insider.

"Medros." (February 27, 2011) - GroupQuest #18 - Welcome to Zul'Again, You've Been Schooled.  GroupQuest Podcast.

Mellon, Ericka (February 2011) - Virtually Possible - District Administration magazine.  Discussion of Diane Lewis' implementation in Seminole County Public Schools in Florida.

Henken, Phil. (January 22, 2011) - World of Warcraft Raids the Classroom.  Motherboard.tv

     http://www.vgames.co.il/article/13967.html (Israel)

     http://www.buffed.de/World-of-Warcraft-PC-16678/News/WoW-Schulprogramm-in-den-USA-nutzt-WoW-damit-Schuelern-das-Lernen-mehr-Spass-macht-809175/ (Germany)

     World of Warcraft Ventures Into The Classroom - ZAM 

McBride, Melanie. (December 6, 2010) - Gameification, Gaming, Edugames:  Keeping It Real.  melaniemcbride.net.

Greene, Amanda. (December 3, 2010) - Teacher uses video game to enhance students' English skills. Wilmington Star News Online.

Roscorla, Tanya.  (November 18, 2010) - World of Warcraft Invades Language Arts Class.  Converge Magazine

     Schlenker, Brent. (November 27, 2010) - WoW in Schools - Not in Corporate Training.  Corporate Learning Strategies and Development.

     Sandberg, Nathan (December 2, 2010) - Repost of Converge Article.  Note the Discussion.

Danforth, Liz.  (September 23, 2010) - MMO's and You.  LibraryJournal.com.

Carbonneau, Jen. (July 29, 2010) - Webinar Notes:  World of Warcraft.  Jen Carbonneau's Web Log.

Daforth, Liz. (July 29, 2010) - Teens Learning in World of Warcraft.  LibraryJournal.com.

Aubrecht, Michelle.  (June 15, 2010) -World of Warcraft as a Learning Space.  Digitalunion.osu.edu.

Vollmer, Sabine - (May 15th, 2010) - 3-D Learning With Fun and Games. Science in the Triangle.

Johnson, L., Smith, R., Levine, A., and Haywood, K., (2010). The 2010 Horizon Report: K-12 EditionAustin, Texas: The New Media Consortium.

Dawley, Lisa - (May 11th, 2010) - ARVEL SIG - WoW in Schools - Online Educator. 

Anderson, Steven - (May 10th, 2010) - Overcome With Techno-Fear - Blogging About the Web 2.0 Connected Classroom.

Demski, Jennifer - (November 1, 2009) - The WoW Factor.  THE Journal.





15 Minutes of Fame: Learn to game, to game to learn


Williams, David M. (June 23rd, 2009) - Readin', writin' and raidin': the World of Warcraft learning experience - iTWire.

Caoili, Eric. (June 12, 2009) - WoWinSchool Seeks to Reach At-Risk Students with Warcraft. - GameSetWatch.  Re-posted at MMOSite.  Also at, Top Gamer Blog, SocialMedian.

Rice, John. (June 5th, 2009) - World of Warcraft Goes To School - Educational Games Research.

Quek, Patrick. (June 17th, 2009). - WoWinSchool, World of Warcraft in School - EveryJoe.com.

Schramm, Mike. (June 25th, 2009) - Using WoW for learning in schools. - WoW.Com

dlende. (July 10, 2009) - Gaming Round Up - Learning, Research, Addiciton, and Design - Neuroanthropology.net.

Cobb, JT - mention at:  http://www.missiontolearn.com/2009/05/graduation-advice-edutweets/

Bray, Ollie - World of Warcraft in Schools - OllieBray.com:  Creativity and Innovation in Education

Mattar, João (June 31st, 2009) - WoW & Education - De Mattar - Lots of other good links here too on the subject.

Kiggens, Jim (June 22nd, 2009) - WoW for Math

RezEd.org/GlobalKids (September 23rd, 2009) - RezEd Podcast 40 - Discussions on Using WoW in Education and the Partnership of Whyville and Dell.


From Around the World:


From Russia - (March 2011) - Innovative Teachers Conduct Classes in WoW - WoW.ru

From Chile - (July 2009) - ¿Cómo usar World of Warcraft en las escuelas?.

From France - Martin, Chloe. (April 19th, 2010) - Une poignée de professeurs et spécialistes des jeux vidéos se sont réunis autour de Lucas Gillispie pour créer la World of Warcraft in School - Chloestch's Factory.

From Poland - Hildebrand, Konrad. (June 26th, 2009) - World of Warcraft w służbie matematyki - Gamezilla.pl

From Vietnam - Vu-Theo, Thanh. (June 16th, 2009) - Học sinh sẽ thôi bỏ học nhờ World of Warcraft - gamek.channelvn.net

From Germany - (June 2009) - World of Warcraft in der schule. Educational Gaming.de

From England - (June 2007) - Cultural Capital and Community Development in the Pursuit of Dragon Slaying.  - David White, TALL group, University of Oxford.




Comments (1)

Debbie Watlington said

at 10:01 pm on Nov 19, 2009

I found this site through the mention in THE Journal. My three sons have played WOW for some time and when I read your idea of using this in the educational setting I was interested. Great idea!

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