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Contributors and Contacts

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Here is a list of individuals who have contributed to this project:


Lucas Gillispie    Lucas Gillispie began this project in March of 2009.  Lucas has been an educator for more than a decade now, having taught high school science for ten years and recently taking a position as a district-level instructional technology coordinator for a public school system. Recently, Lucas completed a master’s degree in instructional technology while researching the effects of a 3D video game on middle school student’s achievement and attitude in mathematics.  His interests include gaming in education, MMORPG’s, virtual training and simulations, and social networking in education.  He has also served as a guild leader of the Harbingers of Light  guild for almost ten years.  In World of Warcraft, he is Golyn (80 Dwarf Hunter, Cenarion Circle) and Pantego (80 Dranei Shaman, Cenarion Circle) and Erud (80 Dranei Death Knight, Sisters of Elune).  He is the author of the blogs Edurealms.com and PCS-Tech.net and can be found on Twitter as PCSTech.













     Peggy Sheehy met Lucas Gillispie at GLS in 2008 where they forged an ongoing friendship framed in a mutual desire to reach kids, to reintroduce the concept of playing to learn and learning to play, and to investigate the role of new tools and venues in that pursuit.  An educator for 13 years, Peggy's main arena has been the Teen Grid of Second Life where she established the first middle school presence in 2006 that has now grown to support over 1400 student accounts. Continuing her exploration of new avenues for student engagement she began to explore MMORPGs and with a group of ISTE colleagues entered Azeroth on Sisters of Elune.  A founding member of the Cognitive Dissonance Guild, which now hosts over 50 international educators, Peggy is now helping to lay the groundwork for education to embrace the possibilities of learning in yet another new frontier, World of Warcraft.  She will be presenting about this project, as well as her work in Second Life at NECC, BLC, and Games in Education this summer sof 2009.  She can be contacted at peggysheehy@mac.com, or followed on Twitter: peggysheehy .












Helga Brown has been a public school educator for thirteen years. She's taught Pre-Engineering, Business Education, 7th grade Social Studies, Video Production, and Black & White Photography. Helga currently serves as the Cyber Campus Coordinator for Elizabeth City Pasquotank public schools in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. She coordinates distance learning for ECPPS and teaches multimedia production at Northeastern High School (NHS). She also provides support for technology integration at NHS. Helga graduated from NCA&T with an MS in Technology Education in 2007, which she completed 100% distance learning with a 4.0 gpa.  She started playing World of Warcraft in the winter of 2005 when her husband had her create a character on his account. They then started playing together with separate accounts. She now plays very seriously with her husband on Norgannon, where she raids with Team Nightmare. Her main character is Manurnakey (Mani) and she has several alts including Purdy, Mani's darker counterpart.  Helga met Lucas in a Skype group of North Carolina Technology Educators when he posted a link to this wiki and she followed it. She has recently revived interest in her hunter, Pasquotank, on Sisters of Elune, and has started a Deathknight, Chowan, there as well.




Craig Lawson.jpgCraig Lawson is a middle grades language arts teacher from Pender County Schools in eastern North Carolina.  Craig has been an educator for 2 years and received his undergraduate degree in 2008 from the University of North Carolina Wilmington.  He is a long-time gamer and MMO enthusiast whose experiences date back to the early days of Ultima Online.  On a daily basis he strives to engage students in his classroom through the innovative use of technology.  Craig has been playing World of Warcraft since launch as a member of the Harbingers of Light guild on the Cenarion Circle server.  His primary characters are Munchausen (Level 80 Gnome Death Knight) and Harandel (Level 80 Elf Priest).

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