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Page history last edited by Peggy Sheehy 11 years, 7 months ago

So, what sort of costs are involved in running a World of Warcraft program in your district?


First off, you'll need to figure out how many students you want in your program.  And, then, if your teacher(s) in charge of your program aren't subscribers, I highly recommend you add them to your count, because, it's very helpful for them to be able to play alongside your kids (and outside your program as much as they can).


Here's a sample breakdown of costs using Peggy's most recent numbers (see below) based on one teacher and fifteen students for roughly a full school year:


Item  Units Purchased  Unit Price  Cost 
World of Warcraft BattleChest (this includes the base game, Burning Crusade, up to Lich King)  16 (15 students + 1 teacher) *$19.99  $319.84
Subscription Cards (these are 60-day cards applied to each account)  64 (16 x 4 60-day cards per account)  $24.50   $1568.00 
Total:     $1887.84


Now, that doesn't include tax, of course.  Also, if this is a new program, remember that 30 days of game play are included with the BattleChest, so a total of 270 days are available.  A subscription card is a continuous 60-day subscription, so, once the code is entered, the account is active for 60 days after which, a new code must be entered for an additional 60 days.  If possible, you can be strategic with timing and plan around Christmas break and such.


Budget:  (Peggy) Blizzard directed me to this vendor and my contact there, Scott Leonhardt, has been awesome!


Visco Entertainment, Inc.1250 Louis AvenueElk Grove Vlge, IL 60007

 (847) 734-0580  (888) 291-1900

 My contact there was Scott Leonhardt.


Last year, we had purchased 12 WOW Battle Chests at $19.99* each and 36 CDs (game cards) @ $24.50 each.  

*latest discounted price from Visco!  is that the BattleChest now includes Wrath of the Lich King and is 9.99 

Be sure to drop names--tell him Peggy Sheehy and Lucas Gillispie from WoW in School sent you!



Funding Source:  EETTDonors Choose, Local Funds, Title I, other?


(11/18/11) - Gillispie - Added a more detailed breakdown above using Peggy's numbers.  We made our most recent purchases through Visco as well.

(3/8/2010) - Gillispie - I've had some questions regarding expenses for this project so I thought I'd share actual numbers.  Here's our P.O. to Dell. Note that it also includes GameCom Headsets as well.


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