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Student Machinima

Page history last edited by Lucas Gillispie 9 years, 5 months ago

Here are our Cape Fear Middle 8th graders' machinima projects from this year's WoWinSchool:  A Hero's Journey course.  These represent our learners' first experiences with storyboarding, scripting, shot composition, video capture, voiceovers, and editing on a computer.  The assignment required them to create a movie intro/trailer with story elements randomly drawn from a hat. Check out their work:


Deadly Love


Monkey Cavern


The Journey of a Lifetime


Duskwood Deaths


We didn't have access to iMovie in time to use it for video editing.  We're hoping next year to use a better video editing solution than Windows Live Movie Maker which is incredibly limited.  Also, we'll be placing more emphasis on audio next year for obvious reasons.  Overall, however, the students rated this as one of their favorite but also one of the hardest projects we've done all year.  We're very proud of their work!



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