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SMS Quest Writing Challenge

Page history last edited by Peggy Sheehy 13 years, 4 months ago

Here is a sample of student responses to the Quest Writing Challenge!

Example 1:

QUEST: A Love Letter

NPC: Auctioneer Jaxon

Location: The Trade District, Stormwind City 

Who: Stanley McCormick in The Scribe of Stormwind in the Mage Quarter.
What: Bring me a piece of light parchment.

Why: It's been two years since I've talked to my husband and also two years since he left me and my 3 kids to find a better job.
I need to write him this love letter because I need to tell him how much i love him and miss him because I heard from all over Stormwind City that he found another girlfriend please get this piece of paper to write him this love letter before it's too late. <3

Where: Please go to the inscription trainer and find the supplier buy me a piece of parchment. HINT: YOU can find the inscription trainer by asking a guard!!!

Reward: 1 GOLD from your teacher!

Peer review: What i liked about this quest was that it was challenging and it gave a job that you can have in real life. 
What I wondered about the quest was that when i went to get the piece of parchment there were different kinds of parchment and i didnt know which one to choose so i decided to get the cheapest parchment.



Example 2

Quest: Orders from the King

NPC: The King of Stormwind 

Location: He is in stormwind keep take the main hallway all the way into the throne room. at the end of the great hall. 

Description: I am the King of Stormwind and I am asking you to go outside of iron forge and slay some of the animals for me. To get there start by taking the train from here in the Dwarven District. When you get into the city of iron forge leave through the main entrance and follow the road southwest. 

First on the left of the road slay Snow Trackers Wolves for some 2/2 Shed Fur. Then move further down the road and on the right side find and slay some crag boars for 3 boar ribs. Finally, turn and take the road toward Kharanos (go over the wooden bridge) and slay some of the Fostmane Scavengers and get 2 linen cloth. I want you to slay them because i want shed fur, linen cloth and boar ribs for my guards to eat and to stay warm... 

Bring them back to me to complete the quest. 

your reward:you will receive: 1 gold from your teacher


What I liked was that I got to explore new places

What I wondered was that I thought I was only getting animals and the Frostmane Scavengers were humanoids so I was confused.


Example 3

NPC Mazen Mac'Nadir 
Location: Academy of Arcane and Sciences, [the Really tall tower in the center of the Mage Quarter, Stormwind City]

Description: We have heard rumors that there is a small group of spies hiding out on The Kraken, the ship docks at the northern most dock in Stormwind Harbor. Please get me the names of the three sailors on at ship. This way we can keep an eye on their actions and find out if they are spies. Be sure to write them down so you don't forget them!!

Reward: Your teacher will give you 1 gold when you complete your quest.

What i like about this quest is going on the boat to find three sailors.

What i wondered about this quest was when the library was not at the Mage Quarter it was in the canals and southwest? I found it on the Internet- so maybe you could have given a little better directions??


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