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Write A Guild Mission Statement

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This week you will be drafting a mission statement for our guild. A mission statement is a short piece of writing that describes the main purpose of a business or organization. In this case, you are trying describe the main purpose of our guild. 

Before you begin, think about why guilds have developed for games. What purpose do they provide to individuals within games? How is our guild different from most guilds?

Your mission statement should include:

1. The purpose of the guild.

2. The guild's primary members.

3. Responsibilities of the guild to its members.

4. The services provided by the guild to its members.

Your mission statement should be no longer than a paragraph in length. After you have completed your mission statement, comment on at least two other mission statements.

(This challenge is worth 250 experience)

Student Work:


The Legacy is an environment of modern gamers attempting to help our fellow peers to improve their literacy. We can communicate more as a team and also do something no other middle school has ever done.  –Catayalan


We will work together as a team to help each other ameliorate in our reading, comprehension, and understanding of fantasy literature. We will endeavor to make sure that we attain in language arts. We as members in this very special class take great modesty to be one of the first classes to play World of Warcraft in school.  –Ahsenom


The members of The Legacy hope to forge a more educational experience for the players and students in the guild. By learning to write with proper grammar, spelling, and a deeper understanding of literature, we can make it easier to communicate with friends anywhere in the world. So, play hard and learn hard.  –Draconyx


The Legacy is a guild made of several students. We maneuver to uncover all we can. We try to work diligently to find new and original ways to learn about language arts. We hope this process spreads world-wide to help other students.   –Vandardyna


In the Legacy, we push for a more positive grasp on grammar, punctuation, and fantasy literature. This exclusive opportunity provides us with a more sophisticated way of learning, the joy of having fun, while making us well-rounded. Teachers are the foundation of our course and students are the focus; so, both play a vital role in and out of game. As we go through the captivating world of World of Warcraft, we strive to help others in need and set examples for the education of the future.  –Siyris


The purpose of this guild is to encourage students to learn about fantasy literature, games, and writing. The Legacy gives students from around the world the opportunity to play the epic game, "World of Warcraft." We make every effort to join together as a team and show that that we are eager, fearless, and victorious to make things happen. Learning through writing, games, stories and fantasy literature is something students will never forget.  –Monchy


The guild is a group of races come together to form one team. The guild's members are the people in our class. We are in a group that is full of different kinds of races that have come together to show how a team is formed. We all have a big role in the Legacy and we all are kind, friendly and respectful students. The Legacy is a group of heroes who come together to help other people be heroes. Using the guild teaches teachers and students around the world how to play the game and learn more about the class.  –Crior


Our goal is to improve the educational experience in the game. The way we will achieve these goals is writing, reading, and working as a team. We are the first school to join World of Warcraft. This is the best thing that that happened in Pender County Schools because it helps you learn more about technology. It will change the world of games in schools for education.  



We are the Legacy. We strive for greatness in everything and to assist others. We will accomplish anything. We will learn from our mistakes and add to our knowledge of grammar and literacy. The participants in the Legacy take on the epic task of a hero. A hero is a brave person that puts himself in harms way for others. The Legacy will succeed!  -Kalovyn


The purpose of our guild is to provide maximum guidance, and we want others to see us as fearless, powerful, and helpful. We believe that helping others and setting gratifying goals is better than just getting players the best weapons and armor. The main members are students and teachers from three different schools. The responsibilities for each of our members is to always help those who are in need, don't play unfairly, and treat others with respect. The members can help each other in game and in school by checking over their work, how they act, and what they say.  –Falcen


The Legacy is a group of students and teachers a group of gamers who are trying to introduce a new type of learning experience. We have united to bring a more common and fun way to gain knowledge. We strive to learn to excel through school and game alike. We trust that if we need help with anything, quest or question, we will not be alone. We will strive to assist anyone in need to protect and liberate, to discover, and to build upon the greatness that already lies within this game and within these classes. We will strive to meet new people and form new friendships but, most of all we strive to have FUN!!!  -Dragstadon


The Legacy was created to learn more about language arts and to better understand fantasy. People are what make a guild; the members of the Legacy are all the people that participate in the World of Warcraft in School program. This guild is the first K-12 group to use an MMORPG as a learning tool. The members include educators as well as students. The members of the Legacy work together as a team so we can all learn; the journey is always more important the end result. The guild provides a fun way to learn fantasy, as well as adventure, and most importantly friendship.  –Array


The Legacy is an epic guild, made of students and teachers, that helps improve and encourages language arts abilities and teaches fantasy literature using World of Warcraft. It is also a superb experience, full of gaming and excitement.  –Draksmith


The Legacy is a guild that enhances the learning and gaming skills of our members. Our mission is to create a learning environment no one has ever thought of before. We are here to help those in our guild with things in or out of the game. Also we are setting a trail for others to follow. This class could spread influence all over the country, or even the world.  –Sarishroot


The Legacy is a guild that makes the World Of Warcraft better for newer players. We strive to help every player on quests or to get through a seemingly impossible dungeon. Helping is what we do. If you need it we'll help you. We also learn fantasy literature by doing and reading important quest. The people that made this happen are teachers, principals, and students from 3 schools in North Carolina, Florida, and New York . We are the first schools in history to do this. Doing this may change schools around the country or even around the world. – “M.A.”


We strive to achieve a greater knowledge, excellence in grammar, and understanding of fantasy literature through the enchanting in-game experiences of World of Warcraft. In this unique experience, we gain interaction, fun, and the joy of becoming more knowledgeable. Our members, whether they are teachers, students, or principals, are the premiere forefront of gaming within education. -Flipzenhagen





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